Staff 2018-19

Amy McDow                             Grade Pre Primary

Jerilyn Handley                        Grade P/1 HR and Core Subjects (Mon-Thurs)                  E-Mail:  

Haley Elsworth                      Grade P/1 HR and Core Subjects  (Fridays)                         E-Mail:

David MacNeill                     Grade 1/2, 3/4 Math Music P-6                  E-Mail:

Amy Warr                             Grade P-8 PE, 3/4 HR and ELA                E-Mail:         

Ceili Sims                             Gr. 5/6 HR, Core Subjects, 7/8 Electives                             

Jessie Slade                        Gr.1/2 HR, ELA, Early Literacy      

Ashley Corkum                   Resource/LC/BST                            

Nicole Clarke                     Grade 8 HR, 7-8 ELA/SS/Health                                

Katie MacLeod                  Grade 7 HR, 7- Math/Science, Core French, BST             E-Mail: 


Vivianne Griffiths                Reading Recovery Teacher

Ann  Lambe                      Guidance

Nadine Hackney                  Community School Coordinator                E-Mail:

Aaron Russell                      Technician

Beth MacInnis                       Psychologist                                           E-Mail:

Amy Foster                          Schools Plus                                          E-Mail:

Bonnie Lenihan                     Teacher Assistant                                    E-Mail:

Kathy Hamlin                         Teacher Assistant                                    E-Mail:

Sheila Ernst                           Teacher Assistant                                    E-Mail:

Christine Russell                     Teacher Assistant

Tara Allan                                Teacher Assistant

Selina Tanner                          Teacher Assistant

Valerie Lenihan                       Admin Assistant                                       E-Mail:

Margaret Hiltz                          Cafeteria Manager

Betty Leopold                           Bus Driver

 Sheldon Broome                      Bus Driver

 Gordon MacLean                     Bus Driver

 Bob Conrad                              Bus Driver

 Wendy Moore                           Custodian

 Tina Lenihan                            Custodian

 David O'Quinn                          Principal                                                  E-Mail: